How to sell your translation services with Easyling?

Following up on our newsletter topic at  let us explain in details how translators can use Easyling for income diversification in practice: 

1. Where is your hidden market?
Despite of the fact that visitors are 6 times more likely to buy on the sites translated to their local language, (source: CommonSenseAdvisory) the majority of websites are still only available in one language. Why don’t all companies translate their sites to several languages?  Because translating a website requires significant IT effort from the customer. So your potential market is all website owners who are looking for a hassle-free website translation service.

2. How to grab their attention?
Pick a website that can be relevant for foreign visitors and hasn’t been translated yet (hotels, manufacturers, restaurants, etc.). Translate their landing page with Easyling. Usually it is not more than 500 words with common expressions.

Then contact and impress the website owner simply by sending the preview link of their up-and-running translated home page. This demonstrates that translating a website doesn’t require any IT effort from their side.

Watch this 3 minute tutorial to see how

3. Give an exact quote

For those potential clients who show their interests, you can make a full word and repetition count with Easyling. If they are only interested to translate given pages, you can do that for them, too.

Watch how to prepare word and repetition count

Be patient!  Even if the customer has the intention to have enter new markets, decision-making on translation can take a while. Patience is bitter, but it’s fruits are sweet.

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