Easyling set for Brussels

Ready, set, go – this time to one of the most important centers of the European Union, Brussels. That’s where the language technology industry organizes its LT-Innovate Summit tomorrow, on the 19th of June.

Beside discussions on market trends and innovation opportunities, LT also grants awards for the most innovative language solution on show. The best presentations from each session will be selected to receive the LT-Innovate Award. This selection is made with an eye on innovation, business potential, team experience, investment or partnering interest, presentation and profile quality. Who knows, maybe there is another award looming for our website translation solution Easyling?

Anyway, we can’t wait to get to Brussels to meet investors, buyers, researchers, policy makers focusing on business areas as speech, translation or intelligent content technologies. Just like the organizers, we are also convinced that language technologies can boost industrial competitiveness and address social challenges.

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