Easyling Release Notes January, 2021

After the holiday season, we returned having gained a few kilograms and renewed enthusiasm for improving Easyling. This month, we added the option to clone projects and fixed tons of minor annoyances on the Dashboard. Read the full article for the details.

We also started work on some really nice features that aren’t ready for release yet. Keep an eye on our upcoming release notes to be the first to hear about them.

Project cloning

Sometimes you just really want to try something but are afraid of breaking a live site. Well, it happens to me anyway. In these cases, it’s very handy to just clone the project and try it on the clone. At the moment, this feature is still in beta. If you wish to try it, drop us a line at support@easyling.com. On top of cloning your projects, we may be able to answer the question of what would happen directly.

User experience enhancements (and fixes)

We improved tons of minor things on the Dashboard 2.0. These include the following:

  • When you export the URL list successfully, you get the option to Close the dialog instead of previously only being able to “Cancel” it (which did the same thing, by the way)

  • Target languages on your projects are now sorted based on their human-readable name instead of the language code

  • When a target language is Unpublished, the Live domain field is now updated

  • We improved the Crawl UI. We fixed an edge case where the tabs on the crawl list would change on their own and fixed a case where the spinner on the left wouldn’t stop despite the crawl being cancelled.


We prepared for it. The EU VAT ID isn’t required for users from the United Kingdom anymore. We also fixed an edge case where the billing settings wouldn’t load. Billing settings work as expected, just like before.

Additional changes

  • We added __ptLanguage and HotJar (_ht*) query parameters as ignored by default for new projects. __ptLanguage is used for our JavaScript-based client-side translation and as such should be ignored. HotJar, meanwhile is a tracking and analytics tool. As their query parameters don’t change the content, these should be ignored as well.

  • We now allow longer Auto Pre-Translate waiting times before starting generating work packages. The longer the waiting time, the more new content is gathered and as a result the package is larger. This way, you can have less of them that you must track and your workflow can be simpler. This is especially useful if humans are translating the content that couldn’t be translated by the Translation Memory.