Easyling Release Notes August, 2021

August is usually the time when everyone goes on holiday and it was just like that with us. At one point, over a third of the team was out of office. However, that can’t stop us! This month we released a couple of cool things. You can now exclude specific HTML elements from translation and we improved our client-side translation option, CREST. See the details after the jump!


CREST is our new and improved JS-based client-side translation solution. It is great for two main use-cases

  • On web applications where traditional proxying would be too difficult to set up or the upkeep would make it cost-prohibitive.

  • With security-conscious clients who prefer to have control over the translations or prefer self-hosted solutions.

This month, we added support for CSS injection. This way there is very little functionality lost when moving client-side from the proxy. Additionally, we can now support the translation of elements in the shadow DOM. This is crucial for sites that rely heavily on the encapsulation and code separation features that using shadow DOM allows.

Ignore elements

Let’s say that you have a site that is full of quotes. They all have unique IDs and they don’t share any common classes. The client wants them all to be excluded from translation. You notice that they are all in blockquote tags. Up until now, your best bet would be to add a search and replace rule that replaces blockquote with blockquote class="ignore-me" then add ignore-me to the Ignore classes section of Advanced settings. This would’ve worked if there were no other classes on the elements.

With this month’s update, you can specify HTML element names, such as blockquote as well.

You can find this feature under Advanced settings → Ignore.

Ignore elments dialog

Other fixes

These are smaller fixes that we added this month:

  • We improved the Publish Wizard. The publishing process for subdirectory publishing should be clearer than ever before.

  • Following the changes in the Dropbox API the new account IDs will be used instead of the old user IDs. This shouldn’t impact you at all but if you notice anything try removing and readding your Dropbox account or contact us at support@easyling.com.