Easyling Master Class, May 29

master classes

Are you attending memoQfest 2018?

We are hosting a Master Class for Easyling users on May 29th, Tue. at Easyling’s office in Budapest, focusing on advanced topics. (New or prospective clients are welcome to visit us at our booth at memoQfest.) Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v595

New features:

1151 feature backend permit Amazon security headers
1150 feature backend proprietary site search for translated pages

Easyling Changelog – v594

New features:

1140 feature backend new field for Complexity Matrix: Comments
1144 feature backend, frontend New crawl wizard on Dashboard 2.0
1143 feature frontend upgrade to Angular 4
1141 feature Complexity Matrix New Description field for Dashboard 2.0 Complexity Matrix