Easyling Changelog – v590

New features:

1113 feature backend proxy the `X-Forwarded-Proto` header to improve OpenResty compatibility with subdirectory publishing
1110 feature backend add MT support and error reporting to DCT API
1114 feature backend handle `<label>
1115 feature backend add last encountered status to Excel page list export


1116 fix backend fix TMX download link access for owners and APMs
1112 fix backend TMX import handles `it` tags correctly

Easyling Changelog – v589

New features:

1106 feature backend new metatag types to translate, ability to map OpenGraph URL metatags
1102 feature backend sort entries by content language during pre-translate and WP generation


1103 fix backend unify word counts throughout crawls, wallet statistics and work packages

Gala Boston, 2018

Easyling at Gala Boston 2018

Snow, friends and excellent beer!

The common denominator for all these things was Gala Boston 2018, March 13 to 16. We had a great time, meeting with our existing and new clients at our booth. Balázs Benedek, Easyling’s CTO held a product demo, presenting the newest features for website translation. Read the full article

Easyling Release Notes – 2018 February

As another month goes by, so does another round of development for the Proxy. Along with some minor bugfixes and enhancements, we have rolled out the ability to use the Highlight View with work packages, as well as serving outdated content to search spiders. See the full details after the jump!

Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v587

New features:

1095 feature backend reduce bot-traffic by serving (stale) caches


1094 fix backend Search&Replace overrides account for Content-Types correctly
1096 fix Dashboard Fix link handling for YouTube
1099 fix backend fix for requests that do not contain any user-agent string
1073 fix backend fortify ReduceWorker to always set crawljob to inactive