Easyling Changelog – v570

New features:

1044 feature backend HTML Direct Translation API (BETA)


1045 fix backend correct staging URL->Live URL mapping

Introducing BIBBLE

An innovative tool for instant in-context review of website / web application translation

Translating websites with CAT tools is a challenge because the translator works without seeing the particular context. Clarifying ambiguities is cumbersome and time-consuming. Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v569

New features:

1035 feature backend, frontend Mailinator addresses may no longer register accounts
1037 feature backend, crawler add project attributes to log at time of crawl

Release Notes – 2017 September

release notes

Building upon the foundations laid down in previous releases, September brings you a brand new feature in Easyling: Direct Translation API. This allows content providers to integrate a fast translation service for various reusable content, such as newsletters. See the details after the jump!

Read the full article

Easyling Release Notes – 2017 August

release notes

How was your summer, dear reader? Over here,  the team was busy taking turns going for a swim in the heat on one hand, and on the other, sticking to development, where the incremental improvement of Easyling doesn’t stop. We have rolled out some invisible and some visible changes to augment Easyling throughout August. Here’s our tally for the month. Read the full article