Easyling Changelog – v541

New features:

858 feature backend Meow proxy produces meow cat noises in meow X-Preview meow mode


901 fix backend fix handling of srcset attributes on images
904 fix (Regex Tester): fix issue with Regex Tester compilation
906 fix (backend, crawler): handle case where srcset is a single element long
907 fix (Dashboard): April Fools’ day, look at the bottom left corner, にゃ!

Easyling Changelog – v539


885 fix Dashboard II font no longer loaded over HTTP
884 fix Dashboard rare exception in Crawl History dialog
886 fix Dashboard II display spinner on save button
890 fix backend more verbose logging of unexpected circumstances
888 fix Dashboard better error handling in the Path Settings dialog
887 fix Dashboard Use UTC time in timestamps in Statistics export
891 fix backend handle srcset attributes properly

Easyling Changelog – v537

New features:

883 feature Dashboard, Complexity Matrix Rollout of Dashboard II with the Complexity Matrix


881 fix backend accept quotes around charset in Content-Type

Introducing Dashboard 2.0 and the Complexity Matrix Beta

We are excited to announce that the redesign of Easyling’s dashboard is on the way! We are revamping the current dashboard gradually, one feature at a time.

Developing Dashboard 2.0

The goal is to build a design that is scalable and easier to maintain during the upcoming years. Based on Dart and Angular 2 technologies, we follow the principles of Material design. The new dashboard will put the user in its focus, aiming for  a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. During the transition, the current dashboard continues to be actively maintained and supported. We estimate that the migration to Dashboard 2.0 will be completed by the end of 2017. Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v535

New features:

875 feature backend, crawler more robust crawling on designated projects


869 fix Dashboard Crawl History dialog filters out upcoming crawls appropriately
876 fix backend Sniffer does not override charset to UTF-8 unneccessarily

Easyling Changelog – v534


868 fix backend fix rarely-occuring NPE in content-type handling
872 fix backend improve stability of the entry deletion process
871 fix backend injection of support script during Highlight View serving

Easyling Release Notes – 2017 February

release notes

As we move into February, we’re picking up pace as we add new features and powers to the Translation Proxy. Among these new features is the paged dictionary cache that has the potential to speed up page serving as well as crawling in certain circumstances (more on that in the details), the full rollout of our new translation pipeline, integration with MemoQWeb, and a brand new Work Package Generation UI. See the full details after the jump!

Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v533


865 fix backend, tests Migrate fully to new SSL Context in test framework
866 fix backend Content-Type header is not passed on, rewritten to proper charset

Easyling Changelog – v523


860 backend feature major update to XTRF integration
859 dashboard feature add memoQWeb to Integrations
863 fix backend do not parse JS/XML files unnecessarily