Easyling Changelog – v531

New features:

859 feature Dashboard add memoQWeb to Integrations
860 feature backend major update to XTRF integration
861 feature Dashboard UI for the new Work Package Generation system


862 fix backend JavaScript in proxied pages is translated even on the first load

Easyling Changelog – v530

New features:

856 feature backend handle slightly malformed URLs (more than two soliduses as the initial characters) when Lenient URI Handling is enabled


850 fix dashboard restore add pages button – fix simultaneous request setting
849 fix backend locating script tag insertion points in unconventional HTML

Easyling Release Notes – 2017 January

release notes

January meant an eventful launch to the year for us, which resulted in quite a few new features to the proxy that you can use to cater to even more customer. We have added enhanced compatibility with major CDN providers to pass metadata on the originating user, we have added the ability to define a Live Staging domain, and the Dropbox notification email has been enhanced to show you the changed files. Read the details after the jump!

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Easyling Changelog – v528

New features:

844 feature backend more detailed reporting of wallet statistics on request
847 feature backend Brand new and flexible content pipeline for new projects (can be turned on for old)


839 fix dashboard fix statistics export 100-day timeframe error
833 fix dashboard send correct crawl batch limit parameter
841 fix dashboard Background Tasks popup no longer throws errors when no project is open

How to avoid false security shutdowns?

We just had a very busy week! On Wednesday, our user-facing-site got disabled for a short time. What happened?

Many companies use the services of Internet security companies specializing in copyright, trademark protection and anti-phishing solutions. These companies can often misinterpret the proxy solution for translation, and identify the yet-untranslated site as an illegitimate copy, and a threat to client security. Read the full article