Easyling Changelog – v485

New features:

640 feature backend customized work package generation UI


641 fix Dashboard various visual tweaks
642 fix Dashboard validation codes periodically requested from server

Easyling Changelog – v484

New features:

638 feature Workbench UI for the regex-based search-and-replace capability


639 fix dashboard XTM/XTRF/Dropbox config screen links in various dialogs don’t work sometimes

Easyling Changelog – v483

New features:

636 feature backend improved logging during request handling
632 feature backend more detailed statistics and verbose logging


635 fix backend improved URL generation for frontends
633 fix backend, Dropbox ability to handle Dropbox cursors of infinite size

Easyling Changelog – v481


631 fix dashboard “Cannot read property ‘active’ of undefined” error before first crawl
626 feature backend more verbose logging of domain information during requests
627 feature backend task queue monitoring service for load monitoring
625 fix backend trimmed XLIFFs have their target elements trimmed as well
628 fix backend analysis not started if the user runs out of credits

Easyling Release Notes – 2016. June


June heat has been slowing down development somewhat in Budapest, and this month was heavier on backend improvements and preparation work than it has been on new features being rolled out to the UI. Still, we did manage to complete a few new things, such as wiring up the Client-side Translation feature on the UI (still in beta), rolling out the ability to override content types before translation, and a new crawl interface that allows even more configuration options. See the full details after the jump!

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Where to Find your Next Client


From time to time, every company needs translation services. The question is not who to approach, but when.

There is a segment and timing not considered by LSPs so far, a segment that is about to spend a fortune on introducing their services/products to a foreign market. Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v480

New features:

621 feature backend improved handling of HEAD requests


623 fix backend fix requesting language data for language selectors
620 fix backend, crawler Invalid URLs less likely to hang the crawl
622 fix backend guard against runaway memory consumption during exports

Easyling Changelog – v479


615 fix Dashboard reposition “Saved” messages on Machine Translation config screen
616 fix backend require corporate address even in the presence of an EU VAT number
617 fix Workbench properly filter for entries translated by MT and post-edited
613 fix backend fix filtering of source systems during Work Package Generation
610 fix backend proper matching of source systems when exporting Work Packages