Easyling Changelog – v443

New features:

480 feature backend, crawler ability to enter exclusions regexes (BETA, uses java.util.regex.Pattern.matches(exclusionRegex, remoteURL))
485 feature Workbench performance enhancements on the Workbench when dealing with large numbers of entries

Easyling Changelog – v441

New features:

470 feature Workbench re-wording of comment filters
465 feature backend new TLDs supported for publishing


479 fix backend Stricter check if user using OAuth2 authentication has permission to work on the given project(s).

Easyling Release Notes – 2016 February


2016 is a leap year, meaning this month, we had one extra day to bring you new features and powers in the proxy. And did we ever put it to good use! Dropbox integration has left beta, we’ve developed a gateway to proxy our proxy, translation memories can now be populated for selected target languages instead of all at once, Link headers are now permitted in the interest of easier SEO efforts, and the link mapper can be set to a more permissive behaviour to accommodate more diverse inputs. See the full details after the jump!

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Easyling Changelog – v440

New features:

473 feature Dashboard, caching ability to specify exclusion globs for source cache (content will still be cached, but not used for serving)


477 fix backend regex-based entry deletion made more robust
475 fix Dashboard MISSING translations are taken into account properly when calculating translation progress

More words than dollars? No problem.


How to translate e-commerce’s infinite content with a definite budget?

The problem
Translating e-commerce sites can and could be the most profitable projects -  if only your customers didn’t get a heart attack after receiving your quote to translate 1,200,000 unique words. The problem with e-commerce projects is that site owners are not aware of the scope and price tag attached to the enormous source content e-commerce sites usually have. However, there is a solution you can offer them and close the deal.

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Easyling Changelog – v438

New features:

462 feature Dashboard display source segment when searching from TM
471 feature frontend Slim-view can now be accessed with OAuth2 access token.
469 feature Workbench only project owners (and backup owners) can run the translation clear function
468 feature Dashboard less ambiguous wording on APT config dialog

Market explosion

market explosion

What is the next big thing?

Not a long time ago, having a high-quality website meant that a company had the resources to invest in significant expenditures: they had the money to hire a web design firm, set up an in-house web development department and plan for the ongoing costs of web maintenance, programming and content management, all requiring IT expertise. Solutions were often tailor-made for big corporations at hefty costs. Smaller players could find cheaper solutions that often looked semi-professional, withholding many from even having a website.

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Easyling Changelog – v437

New features:

459 feature backend, exporter more detailed segment information in CSV exports
461 feature backend Client applications are now able to access Easyling (and so Slim-View) using OAuth2 authentication protocol

Easyling Changelog – v436

New features:

460 feature backend support for the srcset attribute
455 feature Dashboard ability to skip HEAD requests during crawl when the Content-Type is already known