Easyling Changelog – v381


166 fix dashboard discovery’s Add Pages dialog will no longer generate an error
167 fix dashboard scheduled crawl can now be set to manual for free users also.
169 fix dashboard Pre-Translate/APT dialogues’ confirm checkbox can be clicked once more

Understand Website Translation Proxy in 2 minutes

We created a short, vendor-independent video about the website translation proxy to explain the technology, how it works, the question of hosting and how the translation is created.

The video is a great way for LSPs to explain translation proxy to their clients. Feel free to share it!

Easyling Changelog – v379


164 fix workbench outdated export list notification improvements.
163 fix backend GeoFluent MT log and retry improvements.

Easyling Changelog – v378

New features:

160 feature workbench selecting all entries is now possible


161 fix workbench filter settings indicator is reset when changing from Pending view to Page/AllEntries view

Easyling Changelog – v376

New features:

150 feature workbench keyboard shortcuts now work in workbench.
151 feature dashboard cache settings now appear in add pages dialog under the content menu.


146 fix dashboard transferring ownership to trial/free users is restricted from now on.
156 fix workbench restored handling of PENDING entries during filtering
153 fix workbench escaped characters are displayed properly when searching
157 fix dashboard harmless error removed by updating module name
145 fix dashboard Reset Change Notification bugfix.
149 fix backend exports with copy source to target set now go through correctly.
147 fix backend javascript rewriter now handles async requests more easily.
154 fix workbench, backend improved handling of compound updates when saving translations from the Workbench
155 fix backend mixed segmentation now handled better when exporting XLIFFs with copy source to target setting.
148 fix workbench improved handling of special characters in search.

Easyling Release Notes – 2015 June

Heat affects computers rather badly. Which is why we’re happy we have our AC in the office: it helps keep our chips (and developers) cool, so we can keep rolling out feature after feature for your enjoyment. This month was about a number of smaller features and fixes: the ability to pay in USD via credit card, Concordance Search on the Workbench, along with the ability to Mass-Exclude pages, the activation of the Subdirectory Publishing, a few relatively minor tweaks, such as the ability to translate the news_keywords meta-tags and automatically include both HTTP and HTTPS versions of pages when generating work packages. See every detail after the jump! Read the full article

Easyling Changelog – v374

New Features:

feature (workbench): Popout View reintroduction.

feature (backend): improved CDN support — cache headers can be overwritten based on custom prefixes (experimental)

feature (backend, dashboard): work package generation filtering/export reworked

feature (dashboard, backend): integration of OnDemand MT engine


fix (workbench): export list generation now works properly when full text search is active.

fix (dashboard): translation progress indicator displays in blue when translation status is at 100%.

fix (dashboard): Cache dialog now displays well in Firefox

fix (export): “Copy source to target” function misbehaved on partially-translated entries

fix (dashboard): Project Workflow selector displays fully once more

fix (dashboard): language selector bugfix and major refactor.