Easyling Changelog – v371

New Features:

feature (dashboard) – Work Packages can now automatically include HTTPS pages alongside HTTP

feature (dashboard) – disable HTML script tag parsing now appears in Advanced Settings.

feature (dashboard) – External links export made available.



fix (backend) – Improved handling of billing system issues

fix (backend) – page-level statistics fixed for extremely long URLs

fix (dashboard) – placeholder changes for content override and JSON paths in advanced settings.

fix (dashboard) – 2nd row of domain table now displays correctly.

Easyling Release Notes – 2015 May

The weather is starting to heat up in Budapest, and with it, our development cycles are accelerating a bit as well. We’ve implemented a new filtering indicator, the ability to process doubly-encoded JSONs, we’ve brought back the ability to use Swap Entries, the ability to append custom headers to our responses, a new indication of fully-translated pages, and easy integration with Google’s Universal Analytics. See the full inventory after the jump!

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Easyling Changelog – v369

New Features:

feature (backend) – news_keywords meta tags (<meta name=”news_keywords” […]>) are now translatable.


fix (dashboard) – manage segments button now works correctly for newly invited owners.
fix (workbench) – spinner now displayed using CSS.
fix (dashboard) – user avatar now served over https.

Easyling Changelog – v367

New Features:

feature (dashboard) – Download menu under Account and download button under Dashboard/Project statistics now available to retrieve project statistics via email for post paid users.
feature (dashboard) – Subdirectory publishing now visible in Publish website
feature (workbench) – Go-to-segment expanded, made more robust
feature (workbench) – Animated opening for search toolbar


fix (sales tool) – MT engines now set properly
fix (dashboard) – Support tab no longer above faders
fix (dashboard) – Mass Exclusion now reloads the Pages list immediately
fix (dashboard) – Publish Website visibility fixed
fix (dashboard) – Pages list updates properly when exclusions are cherry-picked
fix (dashboard) – New placeholder for local response headers field
fix (dashboard) – GeoFluent API cannot be activated without valid credentials
fix (dashboard) – Minor layouting issues on Dashboard
fix (dashboard) – Removed a superfluous spinner
fix (workbench) – Workpackage pages are now displayed in correct alphabetical order.

Easyling’s expert webinar on Website Translation Proxy

GALA webinar on Translation Proxy

Balázs Benedek, our founder and CTO covers topics from the basics to advanced levels, including: infinite dynamic product catalogs, CSS overriding, the bleed-through phenomenon, caching needs, content multiplier parameters (color, size, price), using regular expressions, workflow automation for the new content, translating content beyond the login sessions, and more.

The webinar is free for GALA members and $60 for non-members. View webinar.

 You can also read a summary of this webinar on GALA’s website.