Translation Proxy Basics, Part 3


Let’s talk about proxies!

In the first and second part of the series, we clarified the concept of translation proxy and how it makes the website translation process easier for both translators and content owners.

Today, we’ll try to answer some common concerns about the use of translation proxy-based solutions.

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Easyling Release Notes – 2014 November

With the cold of November upon us,  Easyling’s development slowed down somewhat, but we managed to churn out some interesting new features for our users. One of these is the new “Customer” role, enabling your customer to manage the segments by selecting what needs to be translated, another is the ability to restrict viewing of the proxied site using a username/password combination, and the ability to batch XLIFF uploads. See more after the jump!

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Translation Proxy Basics, Part 2

Translation preview tool

In Part 1 of the series, we described why the process of website translation is such a hassle from the translator’s and the company’s point of view.

Translation proxy-based tools simplify these steps by eliminating the IT effort from both the customer’s and the translator’s side. Read the full article