WordPress Plugin


If the content owner uses WordPress, Easyling provides an option to install the Translation Proxy directly to the CMS. In this case no Translation Proxy fee will be charged by Easyling, but the foreign traffic shall be handled by the content owner’s infrastructure.


COST: free

For enterprises


Easyling provides customized solution as a single-tenant installation in Google’s AppEngine, dedicated installation on the customer’s own infrastructure (on-premise), contractual commitment for 99,995% SLA and 7/24 dedicated support.


COST: customised

On premise


Easyling can be provided as a 3rd party independent solution – under your brand – on the content owner’s infrastructure with dedicated support for the installation, maintenance and with monthly version updates.


COST: 5000 EUR or 6000 USD

Professional services


Our professionals provide all the technical support that you need for any complex website translation projects, like JavaScript handling, CSS override, or customized development.


COST: 100 EUR or 120 USD, per 1 hour

Sales support


We support your sales activities by joining your calls as your proxy expert, answering your customers’ technical questions, helping with your presentation from the technical point of view.


COST: free

White label


Easyling can be made to appear as your brand, on your domain, with your logo, so you can offer it as your own product.


COST: 200 EUR / 240 USD setup fee; 200 EUR / 240 USD monthly fee; minimum one year of commitment

Easyling Release Notes – 2014 July

With the heat of July bearing down on us, our office becomes more of a refuge than a workplace – without our new A/C systems, development would quickly grind to a halt due to heat strokes. But since we’re running those A/Cs on full blast, we can afford to keep rolling out new features and abilities for Easyling as fast as we can. Some of these new features include the ability to completely delete source segments via a regular expression, a new, advanced Discovery system, and with this, a new interface that provides more detailed statistics, as well as a more detailed CSV export, useful for tracking changes. See the full list after the jump! Read the full article