Content extraction to XLIFF

Select the relevant content to be translated, and Easyling will extract it for you in XLIFF with a single click. Once the translation is done in your preferred CAT tool, you can upload it with another click.

Mass sales tool

The Mass Sales Tool generates links to the live, pre-translated websites of your potential customers, demonstrating them you can provide the live, translated website out-of-the-box with no effort needed from their side.

Machine translation support

Easyling provides suggestions and pre-translation options with any MT engines and can be used on a segment, page or project level. It can also be used for language detection to auto-collect all the content in the source language.

Collaboration workflow

Easyling highly supports collaboration. PMs can invite arbitrary number of translators, proofreaders, allocate different part of the content to them and follow their activities.

Translation Delivery


Depending on the security and SEO requirements of your website translation project, you can deliver translated content through the Translation Proxy or go for the in-browser, JavaScript-based solution.

Automatic change detection

If your customer adds new content to their website, you’ll get an instant notification, so you can approach them again with your service. It provides an ongoing revenue while your customer will appreciate your caring attitude.