Try it: Sales Tool for freelancers and translation agencies

Mass sales tool

In a previous article, we showed you how to use Easyling for income diversification and get more translation jobs by entering the growing field of website translations.

Today we present our new “Sales Tool”, which helps translators automatically create a project for several websites, pre-translate their landing page, and sends an email to the translator with a translation link for post-editing and a direct preview link.

Suppose that you want to approach a group of potential new customers, and you already collected the list of URLs. Or, you work for one customer who has several domains. In our example, let’s target hotels in Orlando, Florida with English-only websites. Let’s review the steps below.

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Easyling Release Notes – 2014 May

May has passed with a lot of rain here in Budapest, and as the proverb goes, “Rains of May are worth gold”. With that in mind, we’re giving Easyling the Olympic Gold in new features. The platform is now able to process JavaScripts embedded into HTML, and some more of the rarely used features of CSS style sheets. Not just that, but we’re also giving users the opportunity to see how their scans terminate, and to upload customized segmentation rules (SRX files)! We’ve also reworked the website publishing interface completely, building on Google’s new initiative of allowing domain mapping without a Google Apps account.

And on a completely different note, we’re now en route to Localization World in Dublin. If any readers are also attending, hopefully, we’ll meet up! Read the full article