Time to plant the seeds of our dream

Anyone can count the seeds of a cut apple, but who can count the trees and apples in a single seed?

Probably the most prepared in this field are those 70 mentors of Seedcamp Budapest, who by now must be eager to meet the 20 most potential startups around Europe.

Easyling has been selected as a finalist. We are delighted. Read the full article

Bringing your new website live

Once all the text of a website is translated, the last step is to bring it alive, making it available on a pretty domain, other than the automatically generated one, such as www.easyling.com.hu-hu.fa7az80e.app.easyling.com

You can go for registering real top level local domains for every country (such as easyling.hu, easyling.pl, easyling.co.uk), or you can use only one, and assign sub-domains to each language version (e.g. hu.easyling.com, pl.easyling.com). One way or the other, you have to register your domain with Google Apps (it’s free), just go to http://www.google.com/a/cpanel/standard/new

Once you’re done (including the verification), you will have to add the Easyling app to Google Apps, and set the domain where you want to see your translated website. Finally, you’ll have to login to Easyling, and assign the same address to your translation project. To make it really easy, here’s a short video on the entire process.


11 SEO tips for website localization

When entering  a new market where people speak a different language – you’ll need an SEO strategy to fully exploit market opportunities. The title of a research conducted by Common Sense Advisory tells it all: “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy…”, as the vast majority (85.3%) of respondents felt that having pre-purchase information in their own language is a critical factor in buying services. Read the full article